Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Nuclear Blast Internship Diary - Day 6

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Today began with much to do.

I'd left some TV airplay spreadsheets unfinished so got straight down to them. Then as it drew closer to lunch, Mark the boss gave me the task of packaging some new singles by some solo artist. That's the most I've spoken to him in all the time I've been here - for he's been shut away in his office the whole time and has only emailed me things to do.

He must be a very busy man, handling all the figures and organising of bands, events and new releases on the label. I guess it's not as much work as for the bosses in Germany, but he must have one heck of a busy schedule. Making music requires a lot of paperwork and logistics.

Then in the afternoon I posted more news on social media. Particularly about the new Lamb of God tour and which Jethro Tull songs are enjoyed most by Accept.

It's things like the Jethro Tull appreciation that reminds me how important non metal music is to both fans and musicians. Even though metal prides itself as an alternative to the mainstream - and is the sole reason I'm involved in it because I want people to know there's an alternative when things get boring - the popular things can have positive effects.

People always assume metalheads, punks, skins, goths, rastas, grungers, skaters and mods only listen to their culture's music. But if you get to know anyone from said cultures, you realise they are just like you and have their fare share of music that is played on the radio 24/7.

Not everyone in this office is as keen a fan of extreme genres like me, nor do they strike me as elitists. They are people who just love music, and want to make a living out of giving the world new music, no matter what sort it is. Makes me feel more at home knowing people the average joe would deem 'normal' are contributing as much to society as the next person you pass in the streets.

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