Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Nuclear Blast Internship Diary - Day 5

Monday 2 November 2015

So far today, it's been slow.

I knew there were going to be days like this - as there is in every job, no matter how much you love it.

This last week has immersed me in the world of music journalism and PR, and I felt I went right to the heart of the UK alternative scene at the wekeend. I spent it over my friend Jo's apartment, she's the editor of the Metal-Rules.com UK site and the Independent Voice Ezine - she's the lady who got me involved in everything I do and I pretty much owe her my career.

I can't think of anyone more important to my professional life. Being a very experienced member of the metal and Gothic world, I felt I learnt a lot about how said worlds have changed in my lifetime, and where music might go in the future.

And today, all can see that the music industry is still alive and well, employing many good people. But the face of it is certaon;y changing.

One job I had to do, was look up proices of albums on iTunes. This was the first time I'd used that place in nearly 10 years. And I found most albums there were a lot cheaper than in places like HMV, which I can understand whn people say they download everything. I've always appreciated the physical side of music and would rather give money to the band/artist, so if I do buy anything physical these days I buy it straight through the bands' websites.

Mind you, because of people like Jo, I haven't bought any new music in the last two years. The perks of being a music journalist.

The other guys went into their weekly meeting in the afternoon so I listened to some In Solitude, Jo's favourite band. I'd seen them once at the Underworld but can't say I've properly sat down with one of their LPs. And I have to say their second album The World. The Flesh. The Devil. is excellent. A truly amazing piece of occult themed traditonal metal.

Imagine Jess and the Ancient Ones collaborating with Saxon.

I then stacked up several copies of the new Bury Tomorrow single, packaged then posted them on the way to the station.

It's been a rather slow day but one of the best weekends in a very long time.

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