Thursday, 5 November 2015

Nuclear Blast Internship Dairy - Day 7

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Another start with plenty to do. I got in a little later because of train delays so I had more than enough spreadsheets and Tumblr posts to see me through the early hours.

The repetition of the job is what I was expecting, and it means you're getting the job done, no matter how often you see the same thing and have to post about the same few stories over and over again.

The news I found most interesting that day was of Discharge signing to NB. They were excellent the time I'd seen them with The Exploited, so I do hope their new album has all the anger, politics and brutality of the old days.

Lisa, the head of marketing was backing from Transilvanaia. She told me she'd go over some more online things in the coming days and then said my travel costs had been paid, which made me really happy and relieved. It wasn't the exact amount I'd paid in full, but it was a very good amount. I'd been a little worried about how much I'd get back, but this made me pleased to know I've worked for a company who are true to their word.

In the past I've felt quite ripped off by unpaid internships or ones who claim they'll pay your travel costs but then exploit some loophole saying they can't pay because you commuted in from outside the city. But NB never struck me as that sort of company. And I still would have come and worked for them if they didn't cover my costs as this is an experience I've been wanting for a very long time.

I then heard a few mates were going to Damnation Festival at the weekend, which made very excited to be covering it for Independent Voice, for no festival is complete without good company. Strangely, every festival I've gone to this year, I've got into for free due to press coverage.

Unfortunately, I found I'm not interviewing At The Gates, but that's no big deal. I did ask for Primordial but that doesn't look like it'll happen either, but I'm satisfied if I only interview Vreid, the only ones confirmed at this moment.

Looks like a long and action packed weekend is on the horizon.

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