Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Nuclear Blast Internship Diary - Day 9

Monday 9 November 2015

My final week started with all the expected tiredness and mild hangovers that succeed a weekend of festival going.

Damnation Festival was a real blast and I feel quite happy to have interviewed Vreid and Primordial, two bands I’ve admired for some time now. It was a great place to hold a festival too – Leeds University has one very labyrinthine union ideal for many underground bands.

After entertaining the rest of the office with tales of my exploits up north, I got down to business.
We had a visitor from the head offices in Germany who was doing some IT work. He set up a new network which synchronises all emails onto one server so we can reach the guys overseas quicker when we get important news.
It was another day of predictable social media work and filing away press coverage, so I feel I’ve settled into the job completely now. And it always feels good doing work whilst the music you live for is playing in the background too.

I think these last two weeks have been the most influential of my recent life because I’ve become a heck of a lot more involved in the music industry than ever before. Working for one of the biggest metal labels in the world, attending gigs to review, spending time at my editor’s house and reviewing a festival complete with interviews have given me a real insight into what life is like for a professional music writer/PR person.

It feels as if I’ve never stopped working – everything I’m doing relates to metal and has given me a whole new appreciation for it. Plus it’s made me realise just how much my work can mean to other fans. Those who want to relive the moments of joy they had at the gig the previous week will eagerly await what I can scribble. And the diehard fans waiting for the next Nightwish video will cling to the blog I’m running and await for me to announce the news, no matter how good or bad a move it might be for their favourites.

I certainly think I could do this for a living, especially if I get a job that involves putting on shows or telling people what will happen next to their favourite artist. Working backstage at a show has never looked more appealing.

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