Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Poetry: Eternity Excommunicated - Canto 2

6.      Time to run, time to fly, away from nestled parasites, into the crimson sky, away from the crowd, out on the run, terror trail behind us, hearts beating like a drum. I travel the stone road, forever I ponder, the trails ahead, what beings lie yonder. Acing the livery, whisking the strength, all passions I drink to, below all contempt. I cry for the brave, as the city walls fall, curse me my father, for I am the sin, ravens dine well on the flesh of thy men, while child of heart, cried wolf in undone.

7.   I watch from the vines, I stare from the shore, Under stones watered hither, I swim through times yore. Joining the dots, On the rocks down below, Eyes will uplift with the mind held above. Quicker than falcon, Thunder and Light, the whispers in darkness descend hence tonight.

8.      Olden ones stir, high priest shall devour, The loins of bright acolytes burn skilled depths of power. Awaken my warrior, awaken my bride, from slumber arise to stand elden trial.

9.      It grabs again, it’s on my mind, that chivalrous calling from the warrior’s side. Man lies in ashes, withered in dust, wounded by cupid’s prevalent lust. It had me whipped then cast into jail, so now I stem high and arise in denial. The vale of the time grows woodland a calling, whence I shall take flight when the dawn comes stained in mourning.

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