Sunday, 7 June 2015

Poetry: Eternity Excommunicated - Canto 1.


1. Up high beyond the raging maelstrom,

In clouded beams I frown down to unfit earth.

Thine trees a wilt in dreams for the spring,

Retribution unearthed and bore berries of shame.

Again on the plains in flight of thine eyes,

Here lieth the sanctum of precious times now a dust.

Vacant of breath and razored at touch,

On knees of deceit I’ll cry for the rain.

Then cometh the stars in webbed navy gaze,

Dreaming for spectres passed on through the times.

In surrender of embers I stoke with my heart,

The tree of life tangles in roots of years lost.

2. The streams of earths bloodline shall trickle no more,

Hoed flesh has up mounted the maggot’s consul.

Apple core cinders in hungered up flames,

Streets crumble in danger as mater takes toll.

From Highgate to Menin all roots shall prevail,

Under vampyrus skies the crows will dine well.

Thine children of rivers on floodplains will drown,

On famished bleak soil the steel will rust brown.

3. I won’t walk there again, no I won’t let it grow,

If it can’t exist then let me now go.

Together in arms in the beds of bloodrose,

Smiles of my name they poured out the shame.

In flux of your eyes did me no reason to hope,

That someday the time would tick from clocks right,

Ending rides near on the wind for I slew time for the night.

4. Absolution be drawn on the canvas of eyes,

Retribution be flayed on the spine of the vain,

Be justice a game for the noble to play,

Fly phallus of strength to pervert dignity.

5I once dreamt a vision

  Of lust held abreast,

  Legged on heels of pure  vengeance

  To carry back to the west,

I pulled back the curtains

Of iron and steel,

Under flagless pride’s wonder

I walked them from pater to left.

Barbed into grief’s casket

On the altar of guilt,

The cries in the street shall seize my contempt.

Strung at dawn by the footmen,

And hung in damp red to dry,

Hearted pure blessed, one shall run for this life.

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