Thursday, 29 October 2015

Nuclear Blast Internship Diary - Day 3

Wednesday 28 October 2015

More delays on central line. Plus it was hammering down with rain so not the best of starts. But I still got in before 10 and got straight down to business.

The best thing about working at a label office is the sound system. Can you think of any other workplaces that liberally play Type O Negative or Unleashed at 11am?

 It feels like this is a label run by actual music fans, unlike the 'tin-eared, graph paper brained accountants' whome the Dead Kennedys say run the major record companies. (Simon Cowell has never struck me as a genuine music lover to be perfectly honest.)

Mark, the boss, then sent me a spreadsheet to fill out with stock numbers and prices of NB releases on Amazon. Took a while to locate everything as Amazon isn't the easiet of sites to navigate but i eventually got the hang of it.

The best part of the day, however, was being offered to be on the guestlist for the Deathcrusher Festival on Thursday, but I had to decline as I was falling a little behind on university work - and the only band I hadn't seen on that bill was Carcass, whom I don't see disappearing any time soon, so i can go see them whenever they're next in town. But I am reviewing Endstille and Eastern Front on Friday, so it's not all doom and gloom.

Lisa left the office around 1 and said she'd go over more online things next week. She's going to Transylvania for Halloween. Something I should do at some point.

I was also told that the album reviews editor at Kerrang likes his black and death metal, so all the bands on the books like Enslaved and Immortal get covered. So Kerrang might raise itself up from the 'dark ages' I think it's been going through these past 12 years, by focusing on awful Pop Punk, Emo, Post Hardcore and Metalcore acts.

I've noticed a fair few Hard Rock, Psychedelic and Gothic Rock bands on he label too, which is great meaning NB has variety. It's good that it isn't just metal they put out - though I was surprised when they signed The 69 Eyes - but I cannot complain because that band have never put out a truly terrible album.

However, just for experience, I wouldn't mind doing some work experience at a label who specialise in only one type of metal. The infamous Helvete in Oslo does look promising...

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