Thursday, 12 March 2015

SJ7105 Multimedia Coursework 1

This is my video report on university graduates finding work in low skilled jobs.

University Lecturer: Postgraduate Degrees Becoming More Common

A retired sociology lecturer today said high levels of UK
students taking postgraduate courses is now so common the degrees will soon
become essential requirements for employment.

Peter Foley, 68, of Farnham, Surrey, said postgraduate
places should be offered to high scoring undergraduates in the near future.

‘It’s no longer uncommon for your average student to take
more than one degree,’ he said. ‘I’ve worked with hundreds of students wanting
to better their education and career prospects and a lot more have now chosen
to take on a masters or doctorate because they know it’ll help them find work.

‘I think the attitude towards postgraduate studying has
changed too,’ he added. ‘There was a time when everyone thought of you as a “swatty
geek” if you wanted to stay in university, but nearly every student I taught
before leaving my job said they wanted to get more than one degree.

Foley taught sociology and social policy studies at the
University of Surrey until his retirement in 2014.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency, released figures
last year saying over 530,000 UK students studied at postgraduate level in 2013
compared to over 406,000 in 2001.

Currently female more female students have opted to take
their studies further with over 162,000 women in full time postgraduate
education last year compared to around 142,000 men.

A 24 year old PGCE student also said more graduates were
turning higher education because of the current job market.

‘I’ve wanted to be a teacher for several years so I always
knew I’d be doing a course after my degree,’ explained Darren Bowen who
graduated in from York in 2014 and is now at Anglia Ruskin University studying
primary education.

‘My friends have found it hard to get onto the job market
and lots of them tell me they’re considering masters degrees as they feel it’ll
help them climb higher. 

‘I don’t think having a masters or PHD will always help you
find the best job but I think they’ll soon be as common as people having been
to university.’

According to a report published in the Guardian in 2013,
professions which were open to A-Level holders are now seeking candidates at
postgraduate level.

The number of career seekers with masters level degrees have
also been criticised by the Sutton Trust as being a mobility barrier to
students from poorer backgrounds.

The most popular subject for postgraduate education  at present is business studies.

BBC News report on higher education hitting its highest level in 10 years.

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