Monday, 2 June 2014

This Week In Weird: The 90s Kids’ Guide To The Internet

It seems my obsession with the 90s has found its way into the realms of the surreal. I know there were plenty of weird 90s TV shows like Ren and Stimpy and Round The Twist, but having aged with the onslaught of technology, I can only now view 90s instructional videos as weird. By that I am referring to: The Kids’ Guide To The Internet.

I discovered this very strange PSA on YouTube this morning through an episode of ‘Teens React To...’, where children from the age of 13-18 were shown how the internet came into our homes in the 1990s. All you have to do is watch the video to see just how freaked out these noughties children are by the PSAs of yesteryear.

And now for the video itself.

The colours, clothes and bad acting is enough to make you wonder where the hell this video came from. But the strangely catchy and quite disturbing theme song will stick in your head forever to remind you just how different things were back in 1997. If you fancy another nostalgia trip full of pudding basin haircuts and terrible puns and the ideal nuclear family talking about how many cooking magazines they’ve accessed online, here’s the film for you.

I also think casting the family with the name ‘Jamison’ certainly reflects just how intoxicating this job was for the film makers. 

And I just wonder if the writers of Avenue Q ever watched this video as inspiration for their classic tune ‘The Internet is For Porn’.

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