Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Review: “Genocide” by Premature Birth.

Hailing from the grim, darkened, sweaty marshes of the London metal scene of 2012, comes Premature Birth – the latest Extreme Metal band to hit the circuit.

The band have now released their aptly named  demo: “Genocide”, after a year of nonstop gigging.
Formed in late 2011 by Dev Gohil, Premature have made it clear they want to bring a fresh breath of putrefied air to a scene becoming mediocre by the day. 

“I felt that most metal music was getting too predictable and boring,” explains Dev. “I decided to make Genocide because I wanted something less...dull I guess.”

And there certainly is nothing dull about “Genocide” as it contains enough classic Black and Death Metal ingredients to make you feel like you’ve just stepped back into the early 90s and the church fires of Norway are still burning brightly.

Opening track “I am your God,” sets the band’s misanthropic agenda in full swing with powerful vocals that hit you like a brick to the face. The same can be said for “You Should Have Been Aborted,” with Dev’s vocals sounding similar to Quothon’s before Bathory started making Viking metal.

Echoes of Immortal, Marduk and their personal favourite: Dark Funeral can be found among the eight tracks. Dev says the bands main influences range from the bloody gore of Cannibal Corpse, to the fathers of Symphonic Black Metal: Emperor and Dimmu Borgir.

Being a fan of Depressive Suicidal Black Metal (DSBM) Dev has managed to mix suicidal elements into the band’s repertoire that reminded me of Forgotten Tomb and Nostalgie. The songs are quick and fast paced, yet saddened to the core. “Graveyard” in particular has enough of this to offer.

Alongside their achievement of bringing loathing and blind misanthropy to a 90s-esque level – “Genocide” then ends with a guest appearance from keyboardist: Vicki Thompson of fellow London band, Phyrexia. Here we see deep layers of symphony added to well paced guitar droning. The fade out of the final track certainly leaves you with shivers up the spine.

My only criticism: It’s too damn short...but in a good way. “Genocide” showcases a rising band who’ve certainly sunk their teeth deep enough to make a big impression. Enough to get them playing alongside Death Metal newcomers: Bloodshot Dawn in March 2013. 

“Genocide is a very grim experience,” Dev comments. “This album is a home recording I did with my cousin Jesel of Aeternum and Isengard Promotions before the full line up started gigging. I’m very pleased with the result.”

Premature Birth can be found on: Facebook

Premature Birth are: Dev Gohil (Guitar, Vocals), Billy O’Neill (Guitar), Simon McAuliffe (Bass, Vocals), Adam Lewis (Drums). 

 Here's: "World Domination". All songs can be found on YouTube.

Demitri Levantis 

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